Tools of Titans, Brené Brown

Tools of Titans, Brené Brown

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Brené’s comment “I do want to live a brave life. I do want to live in the arena. And if you’re going to live in the Arena, the only guarantee is that you’re going to get your ass kicked.”

Bravery/Valor isn’t just one of my top signature strengths, it’s my number 1 Signature Strength2. I’ve heard your guests speak about the Arena Ass Kickings, ways to manage/mitigate, but it was such a huge fear I could only give their words a “hmmm, yeh, ok, good information.”

But when I heard Brené just now, a woman talking to my #1 Signature Strength, a woman who has been/done, a woman who embodies a feminine power, vulnerability, rather than a putting on a power from her masculine side to brave the Arena and affect global change … the message finally sunk deeply into my being.

As I meet with colleagues today and tomorrow to brainstorm on 2017, I commit to braving the Arena wielding my Feminine Powers, balancing them with the Masculine Powers I have already learned to wield.

I step into More True Me.
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