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Online Services

Chant Whispers are performed via online request & Vimeo reply.
(Vimeo is a professional video site where you may stream to your hearts content.)

West Seattle Wellness Services

Services on physical location at West Seattle Wellness

Schedule In Person Chant Whispers
Schedule Neuromuscular Bowen, 90 minutes
Schedule Neuromuscular Bowen, An Hour Today Is Perfect For Today

For all sessions please bring loose fitting comfortable clothing (e.g. sweats/yoga pants & a tee)

Chant Whispers

Sound healing / tonal healing entwined with Hawai’ian chanting.
Healing tones spoken or sung with an intention or theme in mind.

In Person Sessions:
Each session includes 30min for intention and chanting as well as complementary time in the private Tea Room after.

Online Services:
Each service includes access to the streaming audio, at least one customized Hawai’ian phrase, and, if desire, the translation of that phrase (provided at a later date).

Owning a Chant Whisper:
Custom chants can be created exclusively for you along with the ownership rights to that piece of music.

Neuromuscular Bowen Sessions


What is the difference between Bowenwork® and Neuromuscular Bowen?
I use the lightest touch needed to still retain the benefit. My extensive work with chronic pain patients revealed the stronger moves to pull the nervous system back into fight/flight mode which was counter to our goal. As a result, what you’ll find on my table is different than other Bowenwork practitioners so I shifted the name to help distinguish.

Those who enjoy meditative spaces find them easy to access on my table and many find them easier to access for a few weeks after as well.

Please note: My LMT License with the State of WA now requires:

  • A Health History intake form for your first visit regardless of the Service or whether Insurance is being used.
  • All sessions will have a brief verbal review of your symptoms and session goals.

All sessions end with Integration Time.  Some bodies require up to 20 minutes of calibration before they are ready to get off the table, other bodies prefer to integrate through the night.

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