About Michelle

Bowenwork Move

Hi, I’m Michelle. Thanks for stopping by!
delighted to enjoy your energy and attention

Bodywork since 2004,
Energywork since 2002,
artistries since Junior High,
outside the box human since birth.

Background and Training

Chronic Conditions and Bowenwork 2017
Tensegrity Medicine, Tensegrity Testing and Ligament Stimulation Method 2015
Bowenwork Advanced Practitioner (Level 8) 2014
Bowenwork Tensegrity and the Myofasical Lines 2013, 2014
Bowenwork® Full PBP Certification (Level 1-7) 2013
SRT / Structural Relief Therapy (50% of the courses) 2012, 2013, 2014
MLT / Manual Ligament Therapy, Master Practitioner 2011
Temple Style Lomi Lomi 2009
Psychodynamics of Somatic Therapy 2009
Event Sports Massage 2007
Ali’i Lomi Lomi with Advanced Stretching 2006
World Shamanism 2005, 2006
Bowenwork RBP (Level 1-3) 2005
Bellevue Massage School 2004
Reiki Practitioner 2003
Huna Ho’omaka Shamanism 2003
‘AKA Healing Master Practitioner 2002-2003
ARCH Healer Practitioner 2002
Yuen Method Level 1 2002
study: Integral Theory 2002
study: DHE Design Human Engineering 2001
study: NLP Neurolinguistic Programming 2001
Software Quality Assurance, SQL Database Lover, Mythical Man Month! 1989-2006





Connect in with the highest version of Yourself.

Close the Past. Begin Anew.



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