Remote Sessions

A good time for Remote Sessions is while you sleep.

Remote Session
Some people like to set up a sacred space in their home
or head into nearby nature at the scheduled time.
A garden, woods in the park, quiet place by the beach,
some place that resonates well with them that day.
If there is a chance you may be driving, operating machinery, be in an important meeting – those will be bad times to schedule your first appointment. If you have a strong reaction, you’ll need to be in a place that has water, food, a place to safely sit or lie down.

How does the process work?

When you schedule the appointment a series of questions will be presented.
(No I can’t read your mind, nor would you want me to, right? Good fences make good neighbors.)

40 minutes prior to your appointment:

10-20 minutes prior to your appointment (or bedtime), minimally:
    ♫♪   Make sure there is water nearby.
    ♫♪   If you haven’t eaten, make sure there’s a little food in your belly.
    ♫♪   Make sure there is a safe, comfortable place to receive the session.
other thoughts:
    ♫♪   blanket nearby if you tend to get cold
    ♫♪   how’s the auditory ambiance? music? fans? annoying noises?
    ♫♪   anything visually around you need to be changed up a bit?
    ♫♪   check in with your skin & tactile sensations, is everything good enough?
At the scheduled time:
    ♫♪   Settle in and receive!

After the session:
    ♫♪   Keep notice of what’s going on in your body.
    ♫♪   24-36 hours later, you will receive a followup email.
    ♫♪   When you are ready to report back, read the email & respond.
        ♫♪   This is 1,000% optional.
        ♫♪   Sometimes people like to share their experiences at some point afterwards. If that’s you, feel free to do so.
If you like sharing your experiences as public testimonials, please post them here: (click on “Remote Sessions”)

Remote Sessions


On My End

Prior to your session I will review the intake information. Ideally there has been time to clarify with you if needed.
    ♫♪ I will up sacred space on my end.
    ♫♪ I will create a sacred connection with your energy field.
    ♫♪ At the appointed time the session will begin.
    ♫♪ Near the appointed end time there will be an Energy Blessing and closing ceremony.
    ♫♪ At the appointed end time I will dissolved the connection with your energy field.

The 24-36 hour delay in sending the followup email is intentional.
I want you to have time to track or watch the body’s responses.
I want that time to be untainted by Thinking Mind having it’s way with input from my session notes.

Still not sure?

Visit my contact page & drop me a note.

Perhaps we can set up a 20 minute consultation, or address your questions through email.

Remote Sessions as Bodywork

I am finding that certain Bodywork Styles can be done remotely.

Want to try?
        Click Play on the Vimeo:
Demo Of A Muscle Release Sent Remotely