Energy Blessings

A good time for Energy Blessings is: anytime!

Would you like a little 5 minute blessing sent your way?

Some people like to set up a specific time.

Others like to set a time frame and trust the intuitive flow of the universe.

Remote Session
Some people like to set up for a specific purpose.

Some people prefer a general blessing with intuitive nuance.


Are you working to change a habit or pattern?

Do you have something big in the works?

  • preparing a new home
  • important conversation or meeting
  • choosing a new experience while sitting in traffic
  • heading out on a journey or life adventure

Whatever your needs,

Let Energy Blessings Support Your Process.


How does the process work?

When you schedule the appointment a few required and optional questions will be presented.

Some people like to pause and tune in.
Some people like to stay in their flow & allow the receiving.

Whatever works best for you.

The process takes 5-10 minutes

with some time thereafter for the followup email.
    ♫♪   You will receive a followup email.
    ♫♪   If you’d like to share your experiences privately, feel free to respond.
    ♫♪   This is 1,000% optional.
    ♫♪   Sometimes people like to share their experiences at some point afterwards. If that’s you, feel free to do so.
If you like sharing your experiences as public testimonials, please post them here: (click on “Energy Blessings”)

Energy Blessings


On My End

Prior to your session I will review the intake information.
    ♫♪   I will up sacred space on my end.
    ♫♪   I will create a sacred connection with your energy field.
    ♫♪   I will send the Energy Blessing.
    ♫♪   I will dissolved the connection with your energy field.
    ♫♪   I will send you an email of the session notes.

Still not sure?

To find out if this may be an option for you, watch here:

        Click Play on the Vimeo:
        Click “Show Comments”
Demo – Affirmation Sent as an Energy Blessing

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