energy: “ho’oponopono”

energy: “ho’oponopono”

restoring harmonious relationships

to cause excellence

correct to goodness

sacred desire to bring wrongs into well-being

Ho’oponopono comes to us from an ancient Hawaiian ritual. An arbitrator, sometimes a tribal Kahuna, sometimes a family member, would be brought in to moderate disputes within a family.

The ritual expects all parties to make a sincere effort towards truth without harm or insult to the other. Each side voicing their concerns and confessions without interruption. Cooling off periods were called if things got heated. Restitutions were decided & agreed up by all parties involved.

The Opening called upon the Ancestors to watch over the proceedings. And the Closing involved affirming family ties and sharing a meal.

This practice can be performed without an arbitrator and can be used outside the family dynamics.1

It can even be performed without the other party present if you are able to sit in meditation with the process.2

Often people use both approaches. The meditation process can be an excellent way to prepare yourself before meeting in person, when possible, and solidifying in the physical realm.

“Be Excellent To Each Other!

And Party On (enlightened style), Dude!”3

1   For couple’s Ho’oponopono and a deeper dive into the practice check out the “Fundamentals of Hawaiian Mysticism” by Charlotte Berney.(amazon link)  

2   Meditation Ho’oponopono  

other   “Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom” by Cahterine Kalama Becker, Ph.D. and Doya Nardin has a ho’oponopono card in the deck, and a brief explanation of the process. (site link)  

3   Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989), Directed By: Stephen Herek, Studio: MGM  


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  1. I have seen ho´oponopono work so many times in my life, where talking and discussing the problem or pondering it did not bring any step further, ho´oponopono did. Grateful for the Hawaiians to bless us with this practice. Thank you for the background information, Michelle. I was not aware of that and was just using it by myself in meditation thus far.

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