energy: “see no evil in others”

energy: “see no evil in others”

King Kamehameha proclaimed “all people had the right to be free from fear and the danger of an unjustified attack”. This was in the 1700’s after a bitter civil war on Big Island.That is a tall order these days. And I have been writing & erasing alot this morning.

I had posted the King’s story yesterday. It came back around today. So clearly I am not quite done with it yet. The “see no evil in others” aspect came to the fore in a literal way – on the back of a piece of paper I had dropped – my own words in my own handwriting.

I held this perspective for many many years. Divorcing a person from their actions. “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” People are inherently good, they just do bad things sometimes.

But somehow, the cynicism, the hyper-reactivity of social media, the sarcasm, and sometimes down right horrible things people say on purpose to evoke a response … had created a subtle shift in my faith in humanity.

And once you are seeking, you keep finding. And people come along to support your views.

It’s tough.

And it’s true. People are going to do self-interested things that come across as evil. And sometimes their brains are wired weird and they are going to intentionally do evil.

True but partial.

One lense. Standing at the ass-end of the elephant being shat upon, thinking that’s all there is to elephants.

Elephant Shyte

One lense on one aspect of humanity.

How do we step out of fear of humanity? fear of being shat upon?

Get up and move. Walk around the elephant. Look at humanity from all the different angles. The big floppy ears, the wrinkled tree-trunk legs, the long nose, observing the tail swatting flies whilst sitting atop the beast.

Look at humanity in all of it’s aspects.
The Elephant Of Humanity
Hold a fuller picture in your mind.

When we sit under a shower of elephant poo, that is all there is.

When we understand The Whole, the poop is merely one aspect we can choose to participate in, or climb atop humanity and see if it will fly.

No, of course it won’t.

But aren’t you much much happier sitting atop taking in the grand view of the earth?

One thought on “energy: “see no evil in others”

  1. A good perspective to be reminded of. So, so true. I will wander around the elephant today and even climb atop.

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