Energy Art / Energy For the World Today

How the “energy” posts work.

Energy For The Day

Sometimes ideas and energy I am personally exploring for the day results in prose & artistry that desire to share themselves with you.

Energy for the World Today

Every Day I send non-invasive energy around the globe for anyone who wishes to receive.

Creative Process

The article and imagery will follow as soon as they have finished creating themselves.

Originally my intention was a brief structured post, but my Writer was restless with this idea. And my Artist wanted to play too! So Prose and Energy Art joined the party.

Since this isn’t my full time job yet, there will usually be a lag between the day it was sent, and the completed offering for your viewing pleasure.

If there is desire for knowing the Energy sent on the day it was sent, vote and/or comment here & I will create a process to make that happen!

What Is Energy Art?

Have you ever been to a beach that has logs or stairs or large rocks? If you sit and watch the water, you see all the directions the water is flowing simultaneously. The water is moving in and out from the wave motion. It is also flowing around the barriers in interesting ways. And often you also see the effects of the wind riding along the surface.

This is kinetic energy in motion.

One day I was in the pen aisle of the store and these metallic sparkly pens caught my Creative’s eye. Must Have! The lined paper and printer in my house, no that wouldn’t do, my Artist wanted a larger canvas and voila, there was “big paper” nearby.

I call them SoMe’s, short for Soul Meetings, and happy accidentally also for “I am So Me today!”. You probably know them as Daily Practice, Hour Of Power (Tony Robbins), Morning Rituals, and other such verbage.

My new toys (and the gazillion pens already in existence in my home) were nearby and I was in SoMe mode. I had no idea what to draw, but I wanted to. So little-kid trees & flower & sun pictures emerged as a place to start. At some point that day or soon after, I viscerally declared “This Is How You Accomplish Something”! And began “drawing energy”.

One day I got brave & shared it with some friends. They were very supportive & could feel the energy & really enjoyed it. (It’s now displayed on my Home Page. Apologies for the outdated camera quality. New Image is on the Do.)

Energy is like the waves. Going many directions at once. And like the sunset bouncing colors in, different energy frequencies carry different color ranges and nuance.

Years prior, when I got my first digital camera, I found myself spending more time with the stock images on the CD morphing & playing with the software than I ever did taking actual pictures.

Actually, I take that apology back. That outdated camera on my beloved Blackberry Phone was what added the Photo Play element into the Energy Art!

Seeking to “fix” the images, I ended up playing and creating in whole new ways.

So Much Fun!

I hope you enjoy.


Energy Art / Energy For the World Today

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