energy: “to hold”

energy: “to hold”

to hold

what an amazing gift
our ability to hold

extreme’s aside

the genius and wonder of fingers thumbs and hands
the ability to hold, to grasp
to support, to comprehend
Energy Art

the shadows

the reflections

the images we hold

mirror reflections
and The Forgotten …

The Unnamed Shadow

all the things we hold inside us

holding space for The Unnamed Shadow

Shadow is in Divine

Divine holds space for the lowest of the low.

Shadow Is Divine.

some moments it feels right to explore our Sacred Shadow

some moments it feels right to just let it be

declaring “good enough!” as a great place to be

we hold imaginings

the future’s and never will be’s but wouldn’t it be nice’s

we hold memories

the nuance, the subtle, and the blunt that shapes us, bends us,
moves us to be a new being in some way

we hold ponderings

the what if’s, and the explores
we hold the reflections and the mirrors into our own depth and breadth

we are a holding

a container for our beingness

a dynamic vibrant free holding


a home for our deepest boundless Self


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