Self-Actualization, A Maslow Journey

Sometimes reaching up into self-actualization pulls you back to the Survival rungs of the ladder.

My identity was woven into my job. My sense of security woven into a set of “golden handcuffs” keeping me tethered to a job that was perfect for me in the beginning, but 17 years later I had grown into a completely different human being.

My self-actualization path led me through an unweaving process. It sucked. Partly because I … well, I coined this phrase at the time that sums it up perfectly … “I was dragged kicking and screaming into the fullness of my being.”

My life is a bit of a disaster at the moment. People look at me dumbfounded when I tell them I can’t go back to the golden handcuffs.

I am heading through another “new me” paradigm evolution.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

What’s emerging now for love and attention is some of the “swing extreme” corrections from the previous paradigm shift.

Learning how to weave threads of my own golden handcuffs throughout the “More Me” that is emerging. To stop being afraid that money will send me back to who I was and mess up my personal grown trajectory. Weaving them in harmony.

Weaving the spiritual and the physical into a fully integrated human.
Living powerfully with feet in both worlds.

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