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I have hesitated to start this “Personal Prose” Category of articles for a while now.

There is much to be weighed in terms of boundaries and personal journey.

As a bodyworker, we are discouraged (I believe legally now?) from friending clients and patients. We are asked to set up a public page and ask them to follow it. To keep that line of professionalism clear.

And with good reason. There is a psychology-dynamic that goes on with a bodyworker and their client.

One person in a more vulnerable position, extending a level of trust, asking to be supported and solved when possible along their pain, stress, and fascial re-working journey’s.

Friend-clients can be some of the most difficult humans to work with. The bodyworker and the client both need to be savvy enough to shift out of the friendship roles and into the client/therapist roles for the session, and then back to the friendship roles once the session is over.

In the past 12 years as a bodyworker what I have found is that many of my longer term chronic condition patients make greater progress when I make the choice to shift that line. It’s a tricky line, and can be taken too far. And can also serve to halt progress and keep them stuck. It’s a very tricky line.

As we move into this era of authenticity, as we move into this new world of acknowledging body-mind-energy as an intricately linked Whole Being system, the lines are changing. Vastly different from person to person.

There are times and situations where sharing personal journey assists the healing process, and times when it’s best to stay silent and hold witness to their journey, snoopy dancing when they reach a milestone, reminding them of where they started if a plateau is discouraging their spirits that day, old school professionalism.

You might suggest I set up a separate personal website for this. And you’re probably right. But for now, Personal Prose lives here.

For now, my company is me is my company is me. My journey is the journey of LovePeaceLight For Joy, Alive From Within, Song Of Joy, and all the other inklings emerging forth under the LPL umbrella.

LovePeaceLight – my energyworker and bodywoker
Alive From Within – my poet and my writer
Song Of Joy – group healing sessions – Intuitive Vocalizations, Spoken Word, melodic chants, where-ever my voice finds itself for the group

LovePeaceLight For Joy –
the foundation of inner love, inner peace with harmony, and inner light
supporting the Bowl Of Joy and Enjoyment

my wish and gift to myself, and to all who find their way to my offerings

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