How To Perform Brain Surgery On Yourself

How To Perform Brain Surgery On Yourself

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How To Perform Brain Surgery On Yourself


Online Workshop

This may end up being a one on one training session rather than an Online Workshop, stay tuned for details!

It is a very intuitive process. The 6 Workshops prior introduce tools and concepts that provide support for learning the process. If I am able to take you through it one on one for a specific scenario there is a greater chance of being able to take it with you and use it in the future.

If I discover a way to lead it generically, there will definitely be an Online Workshop created!
I am happy to be your one on one training guide because ultimately I want the full power in your hands.

If I get my wish, all 7 billion of you will know Self Empowerment and wield it with Divine Love, Appreciation, Integrity, Honor, and with your Highest and Best.

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How To Perform Brain Surgery On Yourself is part of the “How To Use Your Brain” Workshop Series

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