Process Intense Emotion

Process Intense Emotion

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I posted this to facebook earlier today:

People don’t always have the tools & resources to process intense emotion.

Here is a very healthy way:

Ask your curious mind to step up.
Find where the emotion is located in your body.
Notice it’s color, shape, size.
Notice it’s qualities and attributes.

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Step out of being in it, and watch it curiously.

If it were interested in moving, where would it go?
Curiously follow it around.

No interfering, simply let it flow, giving it your full attention in the form of curiosity.

(within 45 seconds, sometimes 2min, it will either dissipate on it’s own, or move itself out of your body, you might get bored and wander off – that is a good sign it has left your body)

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For our own sake, the sake of our health, our bodies, our family’s, our wellbeing it is important to honor emotion and feeling in healthy ways. This is one way. Watch the sensations as they move through our bodies – letting them move so they dissipate, allowing them move so they exit our bodies – when we hold them, we harm ourselves.

It is important to make worry smaller than gratitude.

It is important to do what we are able when we are able – and let the rest of it be handled.

There are 7 billion humans on our planet. Double the amount since I was born. That means there are plenty of people in the right places to handle the things we can’t.

Breath, love, notice all that you are grateful for – from shoelaces to the glorious beauty of your region.

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Neuroscience has proven it’s impossible to be fearful and grateful at the same time.
We will find it impossible to be angry and grateful at the same time.

Honor and allow the negative emotion by watching the visuals as they move through your body.

Take to gratitude as a preventative measure. It will serve you very well.

I think I will make an audio meditative journey and update this article.

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