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The Auto-Dimension

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as we learn about:

  • Honestly?
  • I have yet to be clear on the contents.
  • There are things I want to make sure the first 6 workshops cover.
  • Tools and concepts that weave and combine.

I realize it’s a bit of a ridiculous and bold claim to be teaching people how to perform “Brain Surgery” on themselves. I have been molding and shaping this for several years, with myself as the primary “patient”.

It has been incredibly beneficial and it feels like it’s time to share it with more of the world. New discoveries brought with them humans showing up & needing exactly what I had just discovered. I was happy to share & overjoyed to see their results. It has been incredibly beneficial – to more than just myself. It feels like it’s time to bring this out into the world.

But how?

It was a natural emerging, grown out of things learned and adapted from many sources. There seemed to be a set of base-line tools and concepts one would need ahead of time. The ingredients, utensils, and kitchen supplies needed ahead of time so you actually end up with a delicious meal at the end of it.

So if I hand you a cookbook, you first have a base of knowledge, teaspoon vs tablespoon, this is a carrot not a flank steak. If you use this spice in just the right way, the whole dish comes alive. If you eat only salt, it’s probably going to be a super gross.

But then there’s that other kind of cooking. Where you arrive with a base of knowledge, take one look at the recipe and start intuitively creating your own delights.

And of course, everyone has a unique taste-bud thing going on. What your body needs, what tastes good to you, is going to be wildly divergent. This has to be customizable. To You. By You.

I know how to do that one-on-one in a spontaneous way. Situationally pulling out this tool or that, offering it up, answering questions, sending them on their merry way.

Life has brought me the challenge of learning how to Workshop this material. Honestly? I was just going to hide in my apartment and write a book. Happily nurturing my Introvert’s cave-time all the live-long day.

I have no idea who might show up to a Live Workshop, and even less of an idea who might purchase the Online Workshop. I can only assume a diverse set of backgrounds, bases of knowledge, and “cooking” styles.

Honestly? You may never need the 7th Workshop. You may only need a few of the Workshops to fill the gaps in your toolbox and joyfully breeze through your life.

Words Words … so many words … this, being the 6th Workshop, will hold the tools and concepts that best fit here after the other 5 are fully formed. And I promise to update this page as soon as that becomes evident along this Workshop Creation Journey. And thanks for reading this! I appreciate your time and energy.
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The Auto-Dimension


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