The Path Not Taken

The Path Not Taken

Today I am grateful for the Path Not Taken.

It keeps showing up to challenge me.

All the Things I am Not.

The challenge to examine what “might have been” with a curious eye instead of a judgmental one.

Watching how a person’s life flows and fits together.

The temptation toward “oh if I had only …” … but on closer examination, it literally could not have been.

Today I am grateful for Mercury Retrograde.

In this time of “re’s”, I have been diving into that energy and re-examining the Paths Not Taken.

It is tempting to notice tools and skills I do not have, and rush over to try and learn it.
As though I am inadequate and incomplete without it.

But the Power of Mercury is strong, and I am able to see with new eyes.
I don’t have that skill, but I have these 4 over here.
How do they fit into “my” life flowing and fitting together … even if it feels like I’m in a broken-wheeled cart being ridden over cobblestone by a blind horse in the fog.

That is merely a feeling. An emotive surge triggered by a thought or another feeling.

Possibly fact, possibly fiction.

What is True?  What is Fact?

What emotion surges when I tap into the Path Taken with a new eye.

Using comparison to benefit rather than harm the Self. That a cool skill! What did I cultivate instead?  What did I innately receive instead?  Would I trade even an atom of it?  Of course not.

Self doubt may be running off the cliff, but self-love is strong,
even when it doesn’t “feel” that way because the bumpy ride is so loud.

Grateful for self-love.
Grateful for this time of examination and growth.
Grateful for the Oasis plugging along.
And grateful that the Gratitude Group is the core sustaining force.

(Posted to my gratitude group Aug 2016)

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