How To Defeat Dystopia

How To Defeat Dystopia

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Are You Feeding the Dystopian Narrative?

Focus, Attention, Energy. Where are you placing them these days? It is a tricky line. Burrowing your head in the sand and feigning “lala happy land” isn’t going to do the World any favors. Unawareness is what got us into this mess in the first place.

I’ll say that again – unawareness got us into this mess in the first place.

President djt (d’juut) is Jungian Shadow, plain and simple. All the things we have collectively been ignoring, fearing, pretending were solved have come into the light for healing. Sure, that’s fine and all, were we sitting alone on the couch in Therapy fixing ourselves.

But this is Collective Shadow. This is Global Mind. This is the stuff of the phrases like “Soul Of America”.

The warriors are our immune system fighting off intruders. The lovers are our blood lines, nourishing every cell. The breath, the heartbeat, the internal organs gathering nutrients & clearing out the junk. We all have our role.

But what of Collective Mind? All those humans analogized as cells reporting back to the Command Center of the Brain. Reporting what’s good. Reporting what’s in need.

What we take into our personal minds – filtered or unabated – goes directly into the Collective Mind like a nerve cell encountering a hot stove.

Not following? Think of something in society that you have ignored or dislike that you still somehow magically know about. A movie, a celebrity, a soda commercial, pepe the frog. It’s in your mind even though you haven’t given it any conscious attention. It has seeped from the “rabble rabble” of the collective mind into yours and clearly without your consent!

So there’s all this “stuff” from all these people collectively magnetizing together & affecting you, whether you like it or not.

You’re just this cute little cell happily humming along and when the Body Of Minds takes ill & through no fault of your own, you’re suddenly at ill effect.

Even when we disconnect, we are all connected. Those people you blocked on facebook that you feel are a cancer on society, those “cells” you cannot change – they are still connected to you in the Collective Mind.

Your only escape is death. This more than an American Collective Mind. This is Humanity.

Those of you who want to move forward unabated, cannot. The abatement are all the people stuck, trapped, intentionally left behind. The abatement are your nemesii, those who see “forward” in a different light.

And you are just as much of an abatement to them as they are to you.

We are trying to paint the wall green and purple at the same time and it’s failing. Streaks, stripes, lines, goopy mush from the color blending. And no one is going to cooperate with your savvy solution of a green wall & a purple wall because no one is going to give up their place on their current wall just to make you happy. Why should “I” have to move? “I” was here first!

Are you feeding the Dystopian Narrative?

Focus, Energy, Attention. Where are you placing them these days?

What signals are you sending up to the brain of the Collective Mind?

You see it coming. You want to warn others. So you report what you see as the inevitable thinking you are doing what is in the Highest Good of All. Good intentions choke to death swiftly as you lock us deeper into the narrative.

Yes. Your well intentioned efforts are locking us deeper into the Dystopian Narrative.

In recent days we’ve seen social media passing around “omg he’s ____” posts like cocaine in the 80’s.

The slower roll are the Solutionators. “Let’s address it this way”. Show up here, write this person, sign this petition, support this Legal Action.

Disruptively pig piling a hashtag may prove fun but may or may not send a clear message of your desired intention.

Sarcasm, letting off steam with jokes — needed for sanity but please use sparingly. The collective mind is kind of “dumb”. A sarcastic post about dystopia is putting energy and attention into dystopia. It feeds it. Good attention? Bad attention? Dystopia is a sociopath – all attention is good attention. Starve it as often as you can.

What I mean by that is:
be a solutionator.

Watch, follow, and learn from the solutionators already out there.

What I mean by that is:
For every post, hour, minute you spend enragingly envisioning the worst, take equal measure of emotion and envision what you want instead. Make a commercial for it. Actively and passionately write a script, video, podcast, blog post, FB diatribe, craft a succinct tweet or series of tweets, meme’s …

If you can’t find a solution or a solutionator, take heart, they will emerge as sure as your immune system kills off a cold. Meanwhile voraciously feed what you DO want, and starve the Dystopian Monster of your precious energy and attention resources.

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