energy: “grow into truth”

energy: “grow into truth”

grow into your knowledge
harmoniously speaking what’s true

creating internal harmony – mind, heart, and body
inner creates outer

music brings us harmony

notes and cords wind around our ears and vibrate into our bodies
pleasing sounds, discordant sounds, hesitant sounds, unresolved sounds – all make their way in and around each other toward resolution

truth is an interesting beast to wield

the sky is blue
the clouds are white

the sky is black with shimmering bits of white
the clouds are grey

what clouds? there are no clouds

all truth

truth’s that contradict
yet are all true depending on where you stand at any given moment on our sacred little earth

gravity is truth
it’s pretty true across the whole of the 3 dimensional universe
but it is not exact truth 1

truth is multi-dimensional
is it a trunk or is it a tree?
can one exist without the other?

there is truth of You

when we strip away all that we carry around that falls under “isn’t really You” we start finding the truth of You

are You hands
are You skin
are You thought
are You emotion

true, but partial

are You the breath of life
are You sacred
are You divine


as we grow in knowledge we grow in dimensions of truth

I invite you to to embody the energy of “grow into truth” for a moment.

I invite you to experience your Self and your Life through this lense of multi-dimensional perspective of Self and of Truth.

1   Map Of Gravity Fluxuation, U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior  


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