Playful Spectators

Playful Spectators

Join In the Workshop Fun

Let’s start using the Representational Model we learned about in “How Your Brain Works”!

  • Playfulness as a Self Empowerment Tool
  • How Perspectives Serve Us
  • How to step out of being “in” the emotion/movie
  • How to step IN to being the Director of the Show that is You

I am delighted to share these tools & resources with you.
Please join us!
Even if you missed How Your Brain Works this Workshop is for you.
The Representational Model is high level overview that all the Workshops are based on. I offer it toward the beginning because some brains like to open the hood and take a look at the engine first, some brains like to do that at the end, and some brains have no need and just want to know how to use the controls.
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Playful Spectators

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Playful Spectators is part of the “How To Use Your Brain” Workshop Series

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