How Your Brain Works

How Your Brain Works

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as we learn about:

  • Cave Brain
  • Memory
  • an introduction to the Auto-Dimension
  • Awareness, Thinking, Knowing, and so much more!

I am super excited to share this information with you!
How Your Brain Works

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Before you click anything, let me be the first to tell you, this video is terrible. If I was a teacher grading this assignment, I’d give myself a C- for effort. It is here temporarily and will be re-done once the rest of the Workshops have been recorded.

You know those folding music stands from 4th grade? It fits in my backpack. I hop 3 buses to the Georgetown Studio, set everything up, and start the Live Workshop.

I have a tablet. It likes to randomly go into lala land. I place it precariously on the music stand that only goes so high, and use it as my teleprompter, but also as my video recorder.

This particular Workshop has a big confusing chart that needs to be redrawn and oneday professionally outsourced for formal publication in the book.

And then I had no idea how to get the chart on camera. The chair on the table? LOL yeh, that was my amazing “solve for x” of the day. My other option was to move the tablet all over the place. That seemed a worse idea, but who knows!

Even with a static camera, it is ridiculously clear I was unable to play simultaneous roles of camera-person, presenter, and page turner.

For the recording, I tried something new – using my phone as the teleprompter. It really is a nightmarish ADHD visual mess and I would have done better with a pile of papers and poodle running around.

I am recovering from Adrenal Exhaustion and when I push myself too much, my brain suffers along with my body – in that – it just kind of stops working. System Errors, Auto-Stops, Reply Hazy, I got nothin. In addition, the material wasn’t strong in my Auto-Dimension yet.

When I watch it, I watch myself wandering all over the place in some sections. Sometimes I am seemingly going somewhere, never quite get there, and sometimes never come back around to tying anything back together in a coherent way. Loose threads, lost packets, character, it has character, right? If anyone should know where I was going with it, it should be me, and watching it, there were times I hadn’t a clue where I might have been going with it.

I am not going to charge you for this video.

I am going to post this video anyway, despite my ego.

The reason it exists is that I know some brains need and want to know what’s going on under the hood. That they aren’t going to be able to effectively work with the tools and resources from the rest of the video series without knowing “why”.

Some brains don’t need this at all. So this video will be a waste of time and energy.

There is alot of great material in this video.

And I look forward to refining the presentation, coherence, and videography so the watching of it shifts into an enjoyable experience. But that’s just my Internal Enjoyer wishing internal enjoyment onto you.

You may well be a knower/grower who loves a good treasure hunt & looks past all that to find the gold nuggets.

Feel free to purchase after viewing if you found some gold in them thar hills.

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Workshop Resources – Your Needs as Super-Powers

Purpose Needs

I was given permission to freely share Alison’s Chart:
((link coming later today!))
Alison Armstrong teaches them as the 5 Modes of Living and Loving in the context of her Relationship seminars.
Here is a link to dive in deep & purchase the full audio:

Character Needs

Martin Seligman’s Character Strengths and other self-evaluation questionaires are free to use in exchange for permission to anonymously use your results to further the research. (login/account required)

There are 2 Signature Strengths Questionaires:

  • “Brief Strengths Test” – this is a shorter evaluation
  • “VIA Survey of Character Strengths” – this is the comprehensive evaluation

The top 5 are referred to as your “Signature Strengths”
*VIA stands for “Values In Action”

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How Your Brain Works is part of the “How To Use Your Brain” Workshop Series

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