Posted in my gratitude group on Aug 15th:

Today I am grateful for rocks.

Lots of reasons, but specifically on my mind are the rocks in tackle box. (I discovered that tackleboxes are a great place to store/transport stones & crystals. I even put little lables & a mini-“what for” paper in each of their “cradles”.)

Bloodstone wanted to come out and play the other day. It wanted to help me with root chakra healing. When it was done, it lept from the pocket. Then it hid from me for a while, showed up, then hid again.

It re-emerged this morning in a playful way. I heard it hit the ground, but could not find it. I looked and looked where the sound had been. Or where it might have richochet’d. Nope. So Weird.

A bit later, there it was, somehow had wandered into the other room.

(yes, I realize I sound insane or that I have taken some mind-altering drug. It’s a rock. But it’s also a living being forged in the depths of the earth, and if placed in the right environment, would continue to change and grow, however slowly, over the ages. My rocks talk to me, even if it’s just some anthropomorphological imaginary friend sort of phenomenon.)

Anyway, this time it had a different agenda. First, it had me mis-remembering it’s name so I would look up “moonstone” & find a photo on the internet to help me connect in with that energy earlier today.

When I looked up bloodstone just now, it said “transmittal of practical and dispassionate guidance”.

How much is my life like that. Hearing but not seeing the guidance.

Then seeing the guidance while sitting on the toilet.

Being guided to moonstone – the energy of new beginnings, changing physical structures, absorbing what it needed. (book said changing mental/emo/spiritual structures too)

I have been playing with the physical aspects of the mental/emotional, so when I’m saying physical, I’m meaning the physical aspects of the body, mind, emotion, spirit.

Anyway, thank you bloodstone!


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