Online Workshops

How To Use Your Brain

An Online Workshop Series designed for Energetically Sensitive Humans … and introverts!

Live Workshops create a powerful experience that is exponential in nature.

If you are unable to attend, have missed one of the Workshops, or just can’t wait until the next Series begins, the Online Workshops are a great alternative.

There’s still two of us creating an exponential experience!

I test as a fairly strong Introvert, so I get it. I need my cave time, I need my inner-resourcing time. If you’re in that mode, the Online Workshop Series may be the perfect addition to your inner-resourcing kind of day!

Workshop Philosophy

Most Workshops have a price variance dropdown.
I have been told this is a terrible sales and marketing strategy.
I disagree.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been interested in something that is intentionally held just out of reach through “pain point” strategies that lock out the lower middle class. Everyone has rough financial times now and again. And it is most often in these times we need piles of Self Love and inner resource tools to provide support til we make it through to the other side.

Self-Directed Pricing Empowerment aims to solve this. Scroll past the price that makes your head explode. Find the one the feels fair and comfortable. If you discover you love the Workshop and get tons out of it, you can always re-purchase at any time or purchase them for friends. There are multiple ways to provide support toward this Global Self-Empowerment cause.

Get Creative and Join Me For This Online Workshop Series!

I know there’s something new and interesting in it for you.

I have been studying this stuff for over 30 years and even things you already know are woven together in new and wonderful ways.

Self Love and Commercial Elephants

Coming Soon Workshop 2 “How Your Brain Works”