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Texting you back is my least favorite thing.
Informational input? No problem.

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    As an LMT in the state of Washington, I fall under the “Health Care Provider” category, and thusly under HIPAA compliancy “stuff-n-things”. HIPAA exists to protect your data. It keeps Medical Providers and Insurance Companies doing their best to keep it out of the hands of anyone not related to your treatment.

    Email isn’t necessarily HIPAA compliant.
    Since it’s your data, you can send me whatever info you like, in whatever form you like. I am under obligation to “not” email HIPAA protected data without your express consent (signed/in writing/official-like).

    WA State Laws

    As a Health Care Provider in the state of Washington, there are also laws regarding professionalism, codes of conduct, never dating or flirting/etc with patients and clients even 2 years after the last session, proper draping, protecting the public from contagions, and so forth.

    LMP / LMT

    Our original WA State designation as LMP, Licensed Massage Practitioner, is changing to LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist.

    The Command Center

    Space Ship Console

    On a DIY note: My super awesome “standing workstation” is mostly banker & amazon boxes atop a folding desk & covered with matching sheets.

    See why I’d rather not text you? It’s more fun driving my spaceship!