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my writings are starting to appear on Medium Publishing as I continue working on my first Novel is there but on hold in terms of new visual content Sundays are still my LovePeaceLight For Joy days. In Person - West Seattle Wellness. Use the "Create Appointments" menu above to schedule…


Bowenwork is a neuro-muscular approach to bodywork that had the added benefit of Brain-Body Calibration to clear the Mind-Body communication lines. The process over time is gentle, subtle, and profoundly transformative. For in depth content, please visit:

New Home For Blog!

The blog portion of this site is transitioning over to: Alive From Within I value your participation so commented articles will be left in place. LovePeaceLight For Joy will focus on Body-Energywork sessions and information. Alive From Within will focus on everything else!    

gratitude and appreciation

                                                I am grateful.                                 I am gratitude unfolding like a rose.                 I am appreciation.         I am mahalo. I am deep appreciation from the core and depths of my being exploding across the universe's vast expanse.
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