What’s Next?

What’s Next For Michelle?


Since 2002

I’ve been down the spiritual mission of LovePeaceLight For Joy.
inner love     
inner peace     
inner light     
for the purposes of joy
In the early days it took the form of extended lomi lomi sessions.  One by one bringing people into meditative spaces where inner love, peace, light, and joy were easily accessible.

Through the years different forms of bodywork reached into bodies to bring physical changes that were often quite astounding.

In recent years the work has shifted focus from the physical to the sutble energy realm.

In recent days

the work has shifted yet again.

The Creative emerges and rises and demands to come out to play.

In 2002 I made the decision “it’s not about me, it’s about the mission” and named my company after the mission.

The Creative knows no such mission.  She only knows to express.

Express all that has been gained these past 49 years.

Express essence and being.

In 2018

I am making a different decision.  The second company and second website are named after me.

A collection of creative expressions.

Word Art

  • art-felt words taking forms of:
  • silly letters to friends
  • articles
  • poetry and prose

Visual Art

  • amateur photography
  • abstract digital art
  • fractals
  • Abstractals (abstract fractals)
  • Intention Art – an intention is energetically crafted into the artwork

Multi-Sensory Art

Themes like “Needa Hug?” receive articles with more than one element – prose, visual art, podcasts, audio, video.

What’s Next For Michelle?

For now my commute and schedule at West Seattle Wellness are working.

I just checked and we’re losing the viaduct later this year, so we’ll see how far the Express Lanes keep taking me to you.

The original plan when I moved away was that I’d be back in full health and back in West Seattle long before today.

I was delusionally ambitious.  Shooting for moons when I hadn’t gotten my rocket-kit in the mail yet.  Stupid NASA still won’t send me rocket fuel.  I don’t know what the holdup is.  I’ve called several times and left countless emails.  Musk and Branson get to go, why can’t I?!?!  It’s a conspiracy I tell you!  And I shall get to the bottom of this poste haste!  Just as soon as I dig out the post in hay st.  It’s in Montana, so it’s going to be a LONG walk with my trusty shovel.

I love the West Seattle space,

and I have the best clients EVER.

I am committed to continuing Bowenwork a couple days a week for the foreseeable future.

And embark on my new Creative Life.

Here’s a link if you wanna take a peek:


Michelle Basey Logo

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