LovePeaceLight For Joy

What’s Next?

What's Next For Michelle?      Since 2002 I've been down the spiritual mission of LovePeaceLight For Joy.       inner love      inner peace      inner light            for the purposes of joy            In the early days it took the form of extended lomi lomi sessions.  One by one bringing people into meditative…


Bowenwork is a neuro-muscular approach to bodywork that had the added benefit of Brain-Body Calibration to clear the Mind-Body communication lines. The process over time is gentle, subtle, and profoundly transformative. For in depth content, please visit:

gratitude and appreciation

                                                I am grateful.                                 I am gratitude unfolding like a rose.                 I am appreciation.         I am mahalo. I am deep appreciation from the core and depths of my being exploding across the universe's vast expanse.

Soul Meetings

Join In the Workshop Fun! Let's dive into SoMe's! Soul Meetings, meetings with your soul. Who are you? I am Soooo much more Me these days thanks to SoMe's! Fractal Image Credit and many thanks to   Testimonials:   Online Workshop   To attend the online workshop for Soul…
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