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Rates through West Seattle Wellness: $30 per Unit

90 minutes Bodywork is 6 Medical Units.
A $65 “Thank You!” discount is applied for payment in full at time of service ($115).

(please note: the Massage Community has recently been experiencing Plans having changed policy without notice and 6 units are suddenly being denied when previously they were allowed as medically necessary.)

60 minutes Bodywork is 4 Medical Units.
A $35 “Thank You!” discount is applied for payment in full at time of service ($85).

A $20 “Thank You!” discount is applied to 30 additional minutes ($40).


Insurance Billing Sessions

Medical Treatment Massage using Advanced Bodywork Techniques

If we are billing your Insurance Company there is usually a prescription, and deductible, and a copay (set amount) or coinsurance (percentage) involved.

Medical Treatment Massage involves a series of sessions (1-2x/wk) for several weeks with specific goals of reducing pain, increasing function, and increasing limited ranges of motion.

The initial session involves an intake process. A Health History intake form, a verbal review of your symptoms, and sometimes myofascial length testing prior to treatment.

Subsequent sessions have a shorter intake process – verbal intake of what has transpired in your body and with your symptoms since last visit.

Some Companies are starting to use your Insurance Dollars to pay 3rd party companies to “pre-authorize” your visits. They are not physicians or massage therapists. They will never meet you and will never evaluate you in person. If this is a problem for you, please contact your state’s Insurance Commissioner.


Time Of Service Sessions

Time of Service Sessions using Advanced Bodywork Techniques

Time of Service Body-Energy Sessions

If you are paying in full at time of service, there will be a Health History intake form for your first visit. All sessions will have a brief verbal review of your symptoms and session goals.

Body-Energy Sessions may have a more extensive intake process. That will be up to You and where you are that day.

It is important to me to allow you to explore the “blah blah”.

Often those precious moments lead you to discover your own insights.

Mind, Emotion, Body, Energy
interlinking systems in the Meta-System that is “You”.


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