SUNDAY stop 39810, link to oneBusAway
OPTION: to wk _____________________  C stop 20170 Faunt/Myrtle oneBusAway

toWk (fmHm) / 22 Arbor Heights
Stop #36390
44th Ave Sw & Sw Alaska St BAY 6 (NB)
Stop #39790
California Ave Sw & Fauntleroy Way Sw (SB)
Stop #39890
Sw Thistle St & 41st Ave Sw (EB)
Stop #39980
25th Ave Sw & Sw Henderson St (SB)
Stop #22264
35th Ave Sw & Sw Roxbury St (SB)
9:35a 9:41a 9:45a 9:50a 9:54a
10:35a 10:41a 10:45a 10:50a 10:54a
11:39a 11:45a 11:49a 11:54a 11:58a
12:39p 12:45p 12:49p 12:54p 12:58p
1:39p 1:45p 1:49p 1:54p 1:58p
2:39p 2:45p 2:49p 2:54p 2:58p
3:43p 3:49p 3:53p 3:58p 4:02p
4:43p 4:49p 4:53p 4:58p 5:02p
5:43p 5:49p 5:53p 5:58p 6:02p
6:47p 6:53p 6:57p 7:02p 7:06p

SUNDAY-HM-(fmWk) oneBusAway

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