SUNDAY stop 39432, link to oneBusAway
OPTION: to hm _____________________   C stop 22557 WWV-26/Henderson oneBusAway

HM (fmWSW) / 22 to Junction
Stop #22261
Sw Roxbury St & 30th Ave Sw (WB)
Stop #22264
35th Ave Sw & Sw Roxbury St (SB)
Stop #22380
Sw 106th St & California Ave Sw (EB)
Stop #85210
26th Ave Sw & Sw 106th St (NB)
Stop #39433
25th Ave Sw & Sw Henderson St (NB)
Stop #39443
Sw Thistle St & 41st Ave Sw (WB)
Stop #19790
California Ave Sw & Fauntleroy Way Sw (NB)
Stop #36390
44th Ave Sw & Sw Alaska St BAY 6 (NB)
8:53a 8:54a 9:00a 9:07a 9:10a 9:15a 9:20a 9:24a
-- 9:54a 10:00a 10:07a 10:10a 10:15a 10:20a 10:24a
-- 10:54a 11:00a 11:07a 11:10a 11:15a 11:20a 11:24a
-- 11:58a 12:04p 12:11p 12:14p 12:19p 12:24p 12:28p
-- 12:58p 1:04p 1:11p 1:14p 1:19p 1:24p 1:28p
-- 1:58p 2:04p 2:11p 2:14p 2:19p 2:24p 2:28p
-- 2:58p 3:04p 3:11p 3:14p 3:19p 3:24p 3:28p
-- 4:02p 4:08p 4:15p 4:18p 4:23p 4:28p 4:32p
-- 5:02p 5:08p 5:15p 5:18p 5:23p 5:28p 5:32p
-- 6:02p 6:08p 6:15p 6:18p 6:23p 6:28p 6:32p
-- 7:06p 7:12p 7:18p 7:21p (sat only) -- -- --
Saturday Same schedule plus one last round that hits Henderson/25 at -- 7:21pm

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